SmartDesk has made it easier to keep track of an increasing number of translations

Kosan Crisplant’s need for translation has grown in sync with the company’s continued growth. Børge Møller, who is in charge of technical documentation at Kosan Crisplant says that SmartDesk has helped him maintain control of the increasing number of translations.  The increased transparency has also given him peace of mind as he can regularly keep track of the various projects.


What is SmartDesk?

SmartDesk is a project management tool (translations management system) that manages the entire translation process all in one system. It gives a comprehensive overview of all jobs that are either in progress or completed.

The system collects all process steps:

  • Upload and download of files
  • Receiving and accepting quotes
  • Assigning the job to the translator
  • Overview of active and completed jobs
  • Access to all translated files (new as well as old ones)
  • Status of active projects
  • Invoicing
  • Reports and statistics of consumption, order discounts, consumption per language combination, etc.

The workflow is created to match the needs of the individual customer. It may involve setting up regular language combinations, integrating specific workflows such as internal proofreading. The setting is saved for future use making it easier and faster to order a translation.


SmartDesk has given us an overview of translation projects across departments

Several departments at Kosan Crisplant need translation, and instead of managing everything via emails, to which only one person will have access, the process has become more streamlined and accessible to everyone via SmartDesk. Everyone can now check the status of an individual job.

Gathering everything in one system makes is much easier for everyone to keep track of which documents that have been sent for translation and whether the translation has been delivered. As Børge says: you no longer need to scroll through old emails when you can’t find a translation or when you have forgotten whether you have sent a new job. It saves a lot of time and trouble and gives me a great overview.


SmartDesk can help you visualise and keep track of translation costs

The reporting module in SmartDesk makes it easy to keep track of your overall translation costs. We no longer need to create and remember to fill out complex spreadsheets to stay on top of our costs, SmartDesk handles it for us.

With the system, you can retrieve regular reports showing e.g. the total number of words translated during the period, language combinations used, average price per word and not least how much you have saved by using the translation memory.

Figures are something management understands and it also creates a better understanding of the importance of translation and visualises the work related to managing translation jobs.

The reports can also help support your own and your company’s KPIs and make it easier for you to prepare budgets.


About the collaboration with AdHoc Translations

‘When Kosan Crisplant was in the market for a new translation provider, we chose AdHoc Translations, a choice we are extremely satisfied with. We need translation of vast amounts of texts into a number of European languages; something AdHoc Translations always manages to our complete satisfaction’, says Børge Møller.

‘When I submit a technical text for translation, it is always taken care of immediately. My contact to the person responsible at AdHoc Translations is really good and close, and they are always quick to assist me if I have any questions or problems. It gives me peace of mind that the collaboration with my translation provider runs so smoothly, explains Børge.

‘So if you are looking for a translation provider, I would definitely recommend AdHoc Translations’, emphasises Børge.

What is Kosan Crisplant?

Kosan Crisplant offers tailored solutions for the LP gas industry. They deliver equipment, installations and systems for filling and maintaining LP cylinders and offer after-sales and engineering, facility management and delivery of components for the gas industry.

Kosan Crisplant has supplied more than 2600 factories in 129 countries worldwide. You can find Kosan Crisplant in Algeria, Brazil, Cameroun, Denmark, France, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and the USA.

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