Translation to and from any language

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We translate to and from any language and only use qualified native-language translators specialising in technical translation, legal translation, medical translation, website translation, SEO translation, etc.


Speak the language of your target audience so that your message gets through.

We always find the profile that best matches your project and offer our customers’ a regular team of translators.

We translate to and from any language, but our most popular languages are:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese


Why choose a professional translator?

A professional translator is a trained linguist who specialises in a specific field or industry so that you can be certain that the right terminology and phrases are used.

When you use a professional translator, you get a native-language translator who is familiar with all the nuances of his or her language and who is able to take local and cultural differences into account.

What are our requirements for a professional translator?

AdHoc Translations always uses professional translators. This means that we set high standards for their level of education and require that they have several years of experience. We regularly quality assure all translators to ensure that quality stays on top.

As one of the few businesses in the industry, we still have a team of in-house translators, meaning that we always have a specialist at hand. In-house, we cover English, German, Danish and French.

We also have a large network of external translators; all carefully selected and quality-tested within the specific areas they are translating.

Here we offer translation in all languages and some of the most popular languages are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Chinese. In addition, we always take into account in which country the text is to be used, so you get the text in Canadian French if the text is to be used in Canada.

Our motivation is satisfied clients and that is why we always deliver top quality.

How do we select the right translator?

AdHoc Translations chooses the translator who knows your industry, and who is familiar with the specific text type.

If you need translation of various text types from technical manuals to creative marketing content, we will organise a team that matches your needs.

We handle your job quickly and professionally

For almost 30 years, we have been assisting satisfied clients in different industries with translations regardless of the language combination.

Please contact us already today for a talk about your wishes and needs or if you are looking for a good price and a non-binding quote.

AdHoc Translations - Denmark


AdHoc Translations A/S
Lautruphøj 5-7, 2. sal
2750 Ballerup

CVR 29245908

+45 33 91 09 19

AdHoc Translations - Sweden


Adhoc Translations Sweden AB
Arenavägen 33
121 77 Johanneshov

VAT.-Id.No: SE-559255388601

+46 (0)8 910 003

AdHoc Translations - Finland


AdHoc Translations A/S
Mannerheimintie 113, 5th Floor
FI-00280 Helsinki

+358 (0)9 2514 3500

AdHoc Translations - Norway


AdHoc Translations AS
Postboks 1964 Vika
N-0125 Oslo

VAT.-Id.No: SE-559255388601

+47 21623084

AdHoc Translations - India


Regus Business Centre (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd
1534, 15th Floor, Thane (West)
400601, Maharashtra, India

AdHoc Translations - Germany


AdHoc Translations GmbH
Frankfurter Ring 193a
80807 München

MWSt.-ID-Nr. DE 30 777 1429

+49 89 18 91 01 01

AdHoc Translations - United Kingdom


AdHoc Translations UK
33 Cavendish Square
London, Greater London

+44 (0) 207 182 4735

AdHoc Translations - United States of America


AdHoc Translations
MA, Boston - 101 Arch Street
101 Arch Street
8th Floor

AdHoc Translations - Spain


Carrer de Muntaner 233
Principal Primera
08021 Barcelona

Nº c/c: 2085- 8236- 2203 3029 7008

+34 935 019 047

AdHoc Translations - France


37-39, Avenue Ledru Rollin
Cedex 12
75570 Paris
+33 (0)1 56 96 16 49

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