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It is not just the words that have to be just right; the graphical and visual look also plays a role in the extent to which your appears professional and captures the reader’s attention.

DTP - Desktop Publishing

When you need to create great visual and graphical content, be it for digital or printed channels, you should incorporate desktop publishing into the overall language solution.

DTP has to do with page layout and text style, whether the text elements are positioned correctly and whether the general setup of the page looks as intended. DTP saves you time and money, and you get your files back in the same format, ready for print or publishing.

DTP helps ensure that your document in the target language corresponds exactly to the original design in the source document. A translated text can often contain more or fewer words than the source text, which can affect the text layout in the translated document. Also, the text direction and structure is not similar across all languages, which is taken into account when you choose a DTP solution.

Our DTP experts use software that is specifically designed for DTP, such as Adobe, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXPress.

Layout check

When your graphic files are sent to translation, they are most often worked on in a ‘raw’ format where the translator cannot see the final layout. We know it can be frustrating to receive a translation of a text where the format and layout no longer corresponds to that of the source text. That is why we offer to have our language specialists do a final check of the layout in your documents for you.

Even after our DTP experts have worked on your texts, it is important that our language specialists carry out a final check of the text and layout. They compare the translated document to the original one and check for things such as whether the text flow, hyphenation, line breaks and general setup is OK. They also make sure that none of the text is hidden.

AdHoc SmartEdit

Layout checking can be done directly in our online SmartEdit tool. With AdHoc SmartEdit, you no longer have to deal with yellow notes and comments in PDF files. Proofread directly in the final layout of the document in your web browser of choice. The layout adapts automatically as you make your changes, allowing you to instantly see how your revised text will look. Share the document with your colleagues and work together to achieve a great final result.

Once you are finished editing, the file can easily be exported from InDesign and published. Any changes you make are automatically uploaded into our translation memories, which ensures that you never have to change or correct the same thing more than once.

With AdHoc SmartEdit, you save both time and money and avoid having to pay or expensive graphic designers.

Handling all types of files and formats

We make layouts in all common formats and layout programs including QuarkXpress, InDesign and Illustrator. We can also work with web formats such as HTML, ASP and PHP without problems.

We use translation tools that can effortlessly convert files into and from the original format, so that you will receive the translated files in the same layout.

Irrespective of text or content formats, we can help you find the perfect solution for your assignment.

Large network of language experts

We have a large network of DTP experts and can therefore always find the right person to handle your project regardless of the project type, language, deadline and budget.

We guarantee fast, flexible and affordable management of your DTP and layout projects so that you don’t have to hire an expensive graphic designer.

Dedicated project managers

Our dedicated project managers are ready to help you find the solution that best matches your needs and preferences.

Contact us today to learn more about the different DTP and layout services we offer to make your texts appear perfect in a visual sense.

If you would like to know more about AdHoc SmartEdit and how it can save you both time and money, you can read more about the solution here.

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    “We have worked with AdHoc Translations for over a year now. It is a pleasure to see that we receive great help in many areas of our daily work. On-time delivery of translations is probably our key priority, but many other tasks are involved in running a translation unit. We get excellent advice on technology, we have defined a KMD-specific project flow and we receive detailed reporting. We also appreciate the open and informal tone. It certainly makes most jobs a little easier.

    Charlotte Pedersen, Language Service Manager, KMD



    We have specialised in a variety of translation fields including medical translation, technical translation, legal translation and creative translation of marketing and advertising material.


    We have the interpreting solution that matches your needs. We offer onsite solutions in the form of consecutive interpreting, dialogue interpreting, whisper interpreting, simultaneous interpreting as well as our unique telephone interpreting solution.

    Proofreading and text revision

    We can help you add a little more punch to your written material and ensure that it is entirely free from errors. Our services include proofreading, text revision, copywriting and localisation of your written content.

    Voice-over and subtitling

    We offer professional voice-overs and subtitling of your films, videos and other multimedia so that it can reach a wider audience.

    DTP and Layout

    We offer desktop publishing (DTP) so that the layout and style of your texts in all the translated versions of your document look correct. We also make sure that the layout in your translated files is the same as in your source files.


    We work with the most innovative technological tools in the industry such as cloud-based solutions, machine translation, integrations and a platform designed to ensure simple, transparent and time-saving management of translation processes.

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