We are passionate about our work and make every effort to make sure you are a satisfied customer.


We listen to better understand your needs and are always there when you need us.


We take ownership of the task and customise a solution that will make your life easier.

Why choose us as your professional translation agency?

When you choose to work with AdHoc Translations, you not only get a translation agency that has the necessary experience and expertise. We also focus on customising solutions to suit your needs.

You get a dedicated contact person, who will help and guide you throughout the process and who ensures that your expectations and requirements are met. You also get a dedicated team of specialised translators, so you know that your task is in the best of hands. Read more about us.

our language solutions

As your professional translation agency in Copenhagen and several other European countries, we will make your global communication a success rather than an obstacle.
We engage in close dialogue with every one of our customers to find the optimal solution for their needs.


Our skilled proofreaders remove all errors from your texts by eliminating all grammatical and linguistic errors as well as any unclear formulations.


Our industry and field-specialised translators are your guarantee for professional translation of your texts, no matter which language. Our specialisations


Our talented copywriters will make the message in your text clear and create engaging and convincing texts in any language.


Our terminology experts will build and maintain your term bases in any language, so that you get consistent terminology and higher quality in your texts.


Our thorough SEO specialists will optimise your texts for increased visibility in local search engines.


We check your text on the actual platform and provide an error report with screenshots and proposals for adjustments. Making sure the text works optimally on the platform.


Our detail-conscious graphic designers will make sure you get a perfect file identical to the source file or a print-ready file.


We transcribe, translate, record or create subtitles for your multimedia content in various languages, so you can offer it to an international audience.


We deliver professional interpretation solutions to companies, so that language does not become a barrier at your meetings, conferences, etc.

" they understand the value of having a good dialogue..."

Linda Erlangsen, Universal Robots

“It is a pleasure to send jobs to AdHoc Translations as I am always welcomed by the same project manager, who knows our company and translation needs very well. Personal contact is not to be underestimated! Our day-to-day business very much revolves around robots, but when it comes to translation, it is important to speak to a real person who can listen to the challenges involved in a job.

AdHoc Translations is very professional and attentive, and they understand the value of having a good dialogue with us as customers when it comes to deciding what is the best solution for our specific jobs.”

"not ‘just another job’ that had to get done..."

Nikolaj Brøndum, ARKK Copenhagen

“From the very beginning, AdHoc Translations was extremely proactive, and I got the sense that this was not ‘just another job’ that had to get done. AdHoc Translations showed real interest in finding the exact ‘tone’ of our English texts, to make sure it was not lost in the translation.”

"a high level of service..."

Torben Slot Dabelsteen, TRUSTZONE

“AdHoc Translations has a high level of service and has done everything to accommodate our needs and requests for translations. We have been pleased with the work they have delivered and will continue to use this agency for this type of job.”

Our specialities

For the past 30 years, we have provided professional translations to businesses in virtually every sector.

This means that you are sure to get a quality translation carried out by a translator who specialises in the specific type of text and industry you are looking for.


We even have skilled translators who specialise in the robot industry, as we work with several global robot manufacturers. Read more about our translations for the robot industry.


Medical translations require extensive knowledge about the industry. At AdHoc, we have a large network of medical translators who will make sure your document is translated to a high standard. Read more about our translations for life sciences.


We have been the leading translation agency for legal translations for the past 30 years. Maybe we can help you too?
Read more about our translations for the legal sector.


Most of our customers in the auto industry have been with us for several years, and over time we have managed to build a large network of translators who specialise in the auto industry. Read more about our translations for the auto industry.


We often translate e-commerce platforms for larger customers like Zalando. This requires quality translations from skilled translators, to make sure the products sell in every language. Read more about our translations for the e-commerce industry.


AdHoc Translations provides professional translation for various types of industries, such as finance and insurance, energy and environment, etc. No matter what business you are in, we can find a translator to suit your needs. Read more about our translations for other industries.

Our mission

World-class language solutions and service tailored to your global communication


Over 1,000 European customers have chosen AdHoc Translations as their go-to translation provider. Our whole existence is based around good customer service, which is why we offer solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Have a look at our cases if you would like to know more about how we have helped a few of our customers.
Read about our cases here

Our technological solutions and language tools


Our terminology experts help you manage and maintain your company terminology. This way you get better quality through consistent use of words and terms in all your texts, regardless of language.

Translation memories

We create customer-specific translation memories in order to reuse previously translated words, sentences and texts. This ensures greater consistency in your texts and cheaper translations.

Machine translation

We offer different solutions for integrating machine translation depending on the type of text and language combination. Machine translation makes it possible to deliver large volumes of text in a shorter period of time at a lower price.


SmartConnect connects your systems (CMS, DMS) with our translation platform, making it quick and easy to send, receive and publish translations directly in your system. You save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Customer portal

Our online customer portal makes it quick and easy to send and receive translations. SmartDesk creates structure, transparency and overview as all jobs are located in one place, allowing you to track their status and keep an eye on your expenditure, etc.

Online proofreading

You no longer have to deal with sticky notes and comments in PDF files. SmartEdit allows you to proofread and edit your translations directly in the final layout, without needing to have specific programs such as Adobe InDesign installed on your computer. It is easy and saves you a lot of time and effort.

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