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3 Reasons Why Smart Businesses Use Translation Services

Although English is one of the most popular lingua franca in the world, it is still wise to translate all your communication into your customers’ native language.
Statistics has shown that addressing customers in their own language builds more trust, and in so doing, increases leads and sales.
Here are a few reasons why businesses ought to use translation – at least for the smart ones.

3 Trends Impacting Global Content Marketing Strategies

Zuzzle’s findings on the state of content marketing in 2017 revealed that 79% of marketing decision makers in the UK believe that content marketing is either very or quite effective, in terms of business growth and development. It therefore comes as no surprise that...

Social Media and Language: How Do They Impact Each Other?

An article by Alan Packer, director of engineering for Facebook’s language technology team, discussed the use of neural machine translation (MT) by his company. One of the key things he mentioned was that they needed to build their own MT engine and not use a...

Guinness Book of ‘Language’ Records

Did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records has several language-related world records? See some of them below: • Most Official Languages: The country with the most languages is Zimbabwe, with 16 official languages. • Most Common Language: The most common...

Terminological Consistency in Business and Why It Is Crucial

Terminological consistency simply implies naming things the same way, which comes with many benefits, particularly in business to consumer marketing. The main benefit is that a consistent language helps the reader to fully understand the text. For instance, if the...

CASE – KMD on working with AdHoc Translations

We decided to work with AdHoc Translation because we could tell that we would get the right balance between the measurable parameters, such as price, and the parameters where everything is not black and white, i.e. quality. With AdHoc Translations, the quality was...

5 Cost-Saving Tips for Your Translation Budget

Translation may or may not have been something that you have previously accounted for in your budget, but all the same, here are 5 money-saving tips to help you make the most of your translation and to help keep your project within your budget. 1. Plan in advance A...