A catchy and flawless text has great branding value for your business. Our skilled proofreaders and copywriters can help you roll out impactful texts and ensure that your message gets through.


Correct spelling and grammar

Correct terminology

Focus on the target audience

“From the very beginning, AdHoc Translations was extremely proactive and I never got the sense that this was ‘just another’ job that had to get done. AdHoc Translations showed real interest in finding the exact ‘tone’ of our English texts, so that it was not lost in the translation.”

– Nikolaj Brøndum, ARKK Copenhagen


Our skilled proofreaders have a keen attention to detail and are always ready to polish your texts to perfection. They review your texts for typos, grammatical errors, punctuation and other mistakes that can stick out and impair the perceived quality of a text. We offer proofreading of all types of texts in any language.

It is hard to spot errors in your own writing, no matter how many times you look it over. Investing in an external proofreader for your texts so that they appear polished and professional is therefore a very good idea. Send us your text today and we will get in touch with a non-binding quote for proofreading.

The more our proofreaders know about your company, the better the results will be. Our proofreaders therefore greatly appreciate any style guides, term lists or other relevant information about your company that you can provide.


A company’s website is its digital business card and face to the world. That is why your website texts must be completely free from errors and adapted to your target segment and market. Our expert linguists can help make your website a success.

We also make sure that search engine optimisation (SEO) is taken into account during text revision or copywriting so that your website’s visibility is maintained across all relevant languages and markets.

We offer integration with your content management system (CMS) so that the process becomes quick, simple and efficient. This integration allows you to automatically export and import your website texts, saving you from having to spend a lot of extra time manually copying the texts into the system. Read more about our CMS solution SmartConnect here.



Not only can we proofread your texts for you, but we can also proofread your own translations. In writing as well as translation, a second pair of eyes always helps ensure a high-quality final product. In addition to standard proofreading, where we check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, proofreading a translation also involves comparing it to the source text in order to eliminate any mistranslations and ensure that the use of terminology is correct and consistent.

With our language tools and cloud-based solutions, we make proofreading your translations an integrated part of your workflow regardless of where the translator is based and whether they work for you or us.

The more our proofreaders know about your company, the better the results will be. Our proofreaders therefore greatly appreciate any style guides, term lists or other relevant information about your company that you can provide.


In addition to standard proofreading of texts where the reviewer checks for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, text revision includes optimising the style, tone of voice, content and readability of a text. We put on our critical glasses and review your text in detail so that it appears crisp and targeted.

Our skilled revisers make sure that the core message in your text shines through and that the text is appropriate in relation to the context, target audience and cultural norms.

An extra pair of eyes always helps improve the quality of a text, often significantly. Having a professional review your texts is often a very good idea if the subject matter is very complex, if the text is intended to serve as advertisement for your company and its services or products and/or if you are writing in a language that is not your mother tongue.

We have many years of experience revising all types of texts across a large variety of industries, and our extensive network ensures that we can always find just the right person to revise your text.

The more our text revisers know about your company, the better will be the result. Our revisers therefore greatly appreciate any style guides, term lists or other relevant information about your company that you can provide.


In order to sell your product or service, you need a text that grabs your readers’ attention. It is not enough for a text to be dynamic and well-written; it also needs to take into account the target audience and purpose.

Our talented copywriters have many years of experience writing effective and creative texts. They understand how to compose attention-grabbing headlines and introductions that entice people to read on. They understand how to write in images so that the text comes alive in the reader’s mind, and they understand how to generally produce texts that keep the reader captivated from start to finish.

We can help you with your creative texts, which includes everything from advertising texts, product catalogues, press releases to website content and other types of texts with great branding value.


Translating texts can also be combined with copywriting in what is called creative translation or simply transcreation. This type of translation is particularly suited for various forms of marketing and advertising texts as well as website content.

Transcreation entails a more liberal adaptation of the source text and is not a direct translation. When you order your translation, it is therefore important that you specify in which places you want the translator to stray a little further from the source text and formulate a captivating text in the target language that is appropriate for the culture, language and market.


We can help make your technical documentation and manuals more user friendly and easier to understand for your target audience.

We primarily help our clients revise the technical documentation they have already written, but we can also help you with the actual writing of them. Whether you want us to write the documentation from scratch or revise your existing documentation, we can optimise the language so that the greatest possible number of words and phrases are reused, streamlining the process and lowering the cost of the project.

Feel free to get in touch if you want more information about how we can help you write technical documentation.


We have many years of experience with proofreading, text revision and copywriting of all types of texts in many different industries, and with our versatile and talented network of both internal and external linguists, we can always find just the right person to handle your particular assignment.

Our dedicated team of project managers can find the solution that always matches your exact needs, and you can always feel safe in the knowledge that you will get the product you have requested within the deadline and budget you have set.

Contact us to find the right solution for you.


Our latest survey showed a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Do you want to be one of them?

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our language solutions


Our skilled proofreaders remove all errors from your texts by eliminating all grammatical and linguistic errors as well as any unclear formulations.


Our industry and field-specialised translators are your guarantee for professional translation of your texts, no matter which language.


Our talented copywriters will make the message in your text clear and create engaging and convincing texts in any language.


Our terminology experts will build and maintain your term bases in any language, so that you get consistent terminology and higher quality in your texts.


Our thorough SEO specialists will optimise your texts for increased visibility in local search engines.


We check your text on the actual platform and provide an error report with screenshots and proposals for adjustments. Making sure the text works optimally on the platform.


Our detail-conscious graphic designers will make sure you get a perfect file identical to the source file or a print-ready file.


We transcribe, translate, record or create subtitles for your multimedia content in various languages, so you can offer it to an international audience.


We deliver professional interpretation solutions to companies, so that language does not become a barrier at your meetings, conferences, etc.

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