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A good translation is not simply about transforming a text from one language to another. It is also about transforming it into an appealing text that takes into account the target audience, cultural differences as well as nuances and developments within the target language. This is often referred to as localising your translation.

If you want the translator to be a little more liberal and a little less literal in their translation of the source text, that is called transcreation. This type of translation is particularly suited for various forms of marketing and advertising texts as well as website content.

If you instead prefer to receive a translation that is more closely tied to the source text with a view to finalising the text on your own, that is also an option. In general, it is important that you let us know what your requirements and preferences are so that you receive a translation that entirely matches your expectations.

Preferred team of linguists

Professional translations require skilled linguists, and you can safely leave the job in the hands of our experienced team of internal and external translators.

We exclusively work with translators who translate into their native language, all of whom have been carefully selected and tested, and we have strict requirements relating to their educational backgrounds and experience. Among other things, we require of our translators that they must as a minimum have a master’s degree and several years’ experience. Furthermore, we regularly assess our freelance translators to ensure that the quality of their work remains high.

We attach a team of preferred translators to your project who know your industry and who take into account the language and jargon that is particular to your specific company.

All your translations are proofread by the translator prior to submission, but it is no secret that two pairs of eyes see more than one, which is why we provide the option of having your translated texts looked over by two linguists rather than one.

Translators with industry knowledge

Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive network of linguists, we can handle translation of all manners of texts (from technical manuals to advertising content) within many different industries. We make sure to find the right translator with the required knowledge of your industry.

We are particularly adept at medical translation, financial translation, legal translation, technical translation and marketing-related translation. We always find the right translator for your project, and in general we never see any limits – we only see the possibilities in your project.

Legalised translations

Certain types of documents, such as legal documents, require legalisation (authorisation) in order to be legally valid in another country. We know the legislative requirements in other countries and can help you ensure that your documents are legally valid.

We can quickly and easily handle both the translation and legalisation of documents on your behalf so that you receive a translation that is 100% legally valid.

Cloud-based translation tools

We use efficient, cloud-based translation tools that ensure consistent use of terminology as well as recognition of previously translated segments and terms. What this means is that with every new project, the average price per word drops.

Our cloud-based solution also makes it possible for all translators and proofreaders to work in the same cloud, regardless of where they are based. This ensures a high-quality translation and results in a smooth and efficient process.

Full overview and easy management

Our integrated platform, SmartDesk, makes it easy and simple for you to send and receive translation assignments while also giving you a clear overview of all your translation assignments.

It also allows you to access interesting reports on topics such as the volume of work, reusing of prior translations, etc. Read more about SmartDesk here.

Cooperation based on trust

Our aim is to maintain a solid and close partnership with our clients based on trust. All of our clients are equally important to us, and the same goes for every project we are entrusted with.

Close contact with our clients is the bedrock for a solid partnership, allowing us to regularly tailor our solutions to your specific needs and preferences. You will therefore always be in touch with the same contact person from our agency and this contact person will always be ready to help.

Your satisfaction is what motivates us.

Terminology management

We compile terminology lists and offer terminology management to ensure a consistent use of terminology in your communication. This helps you avoid any misunderstandings while making your texts more credible and professional.

We use the latest cloud-based translation tools which makes terminology management simple and efficient. In addition to ensuring consistent terminology across all your translated texts, the tools can also benefit your internal writers (e.g. technical writers) as it gives them easy access to relevant term lists, term bases and translation memories.

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“We have worked with AdHoc Translations for over a year now. It is a pleasure to see that we receive great help in many areas of our daily work. On-time delivery of translations is probably our key priority, but many other tasks are involved in running a translation unit. We get excellent advice on technology, we have defined a KMD-specific project flow and we receive detailed reporting. We also appreciate the open and informal tone. It certainly makes most jobs a little easier.

Charlotte Pedersen, Language Service Manager, KMD

Languages and countries

We translate to and from all languages. Our most popular languages are the following:











We have specialised in a variety of translation fields including medical translation, technical translation, legal translation and creative translation of marketing and advertising material.


We have the interpreting solution that matches your needs. We offer onsite solutions in the form of consecutive interpreting, dialogue interpreting, whisper interpreting, simultaneous interpreting as well as our unique telephone interpreting solution.

Proofreading and text revision

We can help you add a little more punch to your written material and ensure that it is entirely free from errors. Our services include proofreading, text revision, copywriting and localisation of your written content.

Voice-over and subtitling

We offer professional voice-overs and subtitling of your films, videos and other multimedia so that it can reach a wider audience.

DTP and Layout

We offer desktop publishing (DTP) so that the layout and style of your texts in all the translated versions of your document look correct. We also make sure that the layout in your translated files is the same as in your source files.


We work with the most innovative technological tools in the industry such as cloud-based solutions, machine translation, integrations and a platform designed to ensure simple, transparent and time-saving management of translation processes.