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Finance and insurance

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The finance and insurance industry is heavily regulated, which means that it is essential to work with a language service provider you can trust. AdHoc Translations has close to 30 years of experience in helping our clients in your industry provide professional translations and interpreting services of the highest standard.

We know your industry:

Specific requirements

The finance and insurance industry puts high demands on accuracy and quality in their products. That is why it is essential to only use the most experienced and skilled linguists with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specific requirements of the industry and its terminology. Focus on the target audience is also important, as there are major differences between how to communicate with industry insiders and laypeople. Understanding and comprehension is the key to all communication.

For close to 30 years, AdHoc Translations has provided translation and interpreting services for the finance and insurance industry. By working with us, you can be certain of receiving translations that are 100% up to industry standards and requirements, regardless of whether you are an insurance company, investment fund, brokerage firm, accounting firm or a bank.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you.

Document types

We have experience in translating many different types of documents for the finance and insurance industry, ranging from texts written in complex financial language to correspondence with customers and users:

  • Annual and quarterly financial statements
  • Stock exchange announcements
  • Stock and investment analyses
  • Management reports
  • Project descriptions
  • Prospectuses
  • Economic forecasts
  • Risk analyses
  • Business plans
  • Insurance policies
  • Customer correspondence
  • Contracts and legal documents
  • Website content and other marketing material
Translators with industry knowledge

You will always get a far better translation by using a translator who really understands your industry. Whether it is an annual report, insurance policy or website content you need translated, we have the expertise required to provide high-quality translations on time.

We have both in-house translators as well as an extensive network of external linguists, many of whom have more than 25 years’ experience in providing professional translations for your industry and who are very familiar with the specific terms and jargon used in this industry. You can therefore be certain that your project is in safe hands with us.

Industry-specific terminology

It is your industry, your company and your words, and we take that into account by building term lists and using translation memories to ensure correct and consistent use of terminology in your written communication. This helps you avoid any misunderstandings while making your texts more credible and professional.

We use the latest cloud-based translation tools which makes terminology management simple and efficient. With every text we translate for you, the translation memory and term base grows, which ensures consistently high quality, faster translations and lower prices.

These tools can also benefit you by giving you access to relevant term lists, term bases and translation memories.

Legalised translation and interpreting

Some legal documents require legalisation (authorisation) in order to be legally valid in another country. We know the legislative requirements in other countries and can help you ensure that your documents are legally valid. In Denmark, for example, it used to be that such documents had to be translated by a state-authorised translator, and there are many who are still unaware that today, the translator simply needs to be registered in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ database of registered translators. The document must then be signed by the translator and subsequently stamped and legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We can quickly and easily handle both the translation and authorisation of documents on your behalf so that you receive a translation that is 100% legally valid.

We can help you if you need an interpreter for your business meeting, annual general meeting or a telephone conference, thanks to our extensive network of professional interpreters. We offer many different interpreting solutions ranging from dialogue interpreting to simultaneous interpreting. Read more about our various interpreting solutions here.

Solutions adapted to your needs

Close contact and dialogue with our clients is the bedrock of a solid partnership and it allows us to regularly tailor our solutions to your specific needs and preferences. That is why you will always be in touch with the same project manager at AdHoc Translations who will be ready to help and find the right solution for you.

Your project manager will handle your projects from start to finish, ensuring that they are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible via our Translation Management System, which also allows you to view helpful reports and the status of your projects.

In addition to managing your tasks, finding the right translator, observing your deadlines, etc., the project manager also develops a good understanding of you and your company, which ensures that we hit the bullseye every time in terms of your requirements for terminology, general wording, style and tone.

Your satisfaction is what motivates us.

Some of our clients in the field of finance and insurance

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